Life in the Fastlane – UA Tips and Tricks, Tools & Techniques with Saikala Sultanova of Ubisoft Mobile

Aug 21, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Saikala Sultanova

Mobile attribution is clearly a must, but figuring out the best fit for your app and budget is not so clear-cut. In this episode our Chief Content Officer Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Saikala Sultanova, Director of User Acquisition at Ubisoft Mobile, to walk through the hard questions you have to tackle in order to identify the tech (and the partners) that will allow you to fight smart, not drive blind.

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It’s All About the Data: Mobile Growth Through Programmatic User Acquisition with Tim McCloud from Adobe

Aug 14, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Adobe's Tim McCloud

Tim McCloud, Group Manager of Product Marketing Mobile Apps at Adobe, shares his philosophy on programmatic advertising and other best practices for User Acquisition.

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Connecting the Dots Between Monetization and Adding Value for the Advertiser with Idil Canal from MoPub

Aug 7, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Idil Canal from MoPub

Idil Canal, Manager of Global Technical Solutions Consulting at MoPub, discusses the key relationships between publisher and advertiser in terms of successful mobile app monetization.


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Targeting & Engaging With Younger Demographics with Peter Szabo of Mammoth Media

Jul 31, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Peter Szabo, Mammoth Media

Mammoth Media’s CRO & Head of Partnerships, Peter Szabo, sits down with us to discuss the evolution of media, and how targeting and engagement strategies have changed through marketing to Cord-Cutters to the newer mobile-native Cord-Nevers of Generation Z.

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How to Rocket Your App to the Top of the App Store Charts

Jul 24, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Steve P. Young - AppMasters

Getting featured in the Apple App Store can be the ‘golden ticket’ that rockets your app up the charts. In this episode our host and Chief Content Officer Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Steve P. Young, founder of ASO and mobile growth consultancy Appmasters, to walk through the ways you can move the needle on your app’s ranking – even if you’re on a limited budget.

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Growth Marketing Strategies with Aurelie Guerrieri from Akila One

Jul 17, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Aurelie Guerrieri - Akila One

What are the best marketing strategies for delivering mobile growth? In this episode, we speak with Akila One’s Chief Growth Officer Aurelie Guerrieri on how growth marketing has changed over the years along with her best tips on how to grow your company.

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Shifting Monetization Models Without Sacrificing User Loyalty with ClassPass CMO Joanna Lord

Jul 10, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - 13 - Joanna Lord CMO ClassPass

ClassPass CMO Joanna Lord talks with Mobile Growth about the risks associated with shifting monetization models, and how not to alienate your existing loyal customers in the process. Also discussed are split testing UA campaigns, and using your mobile app to keep their live users engaged!

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Leveraging Growth Channels and User Discovery with SeatGeek’s Shoji Ueki

Jun 26, 2017
MGF_Podcast-Shoji Ueki

How do you effectively market to users in a competitive event app space? In this episode, SeatGeek’s Sr. Director of Growth Marketing Shoji Ueki shares with us strategies and tactics for gaining customers in the event ticket marketplace. He also goes over key performance metrics along with emerging UA channels.

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Launching and Repositioning Your App with SmartNews’ Fabien-Pierre Nicolas

Jun 19, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - SmartNews - Fabien Nicolas

In this episode, Fabien-Pierre Nicolas the Head of Growth / Marketing at SmartNews walks through the key steps needed to launch an app. He also shares important UA KPIs to pay attention to once your app is launched. The interview also covers tips on how to reposition existing apps.

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Defining and Achieving Success for Your Mobile App with Slyce’s Nicole Harris

Jun 12, 2017
MGF_Podcast- Slyce - Nicole Harris

In this extended and in-depth episode, Nicole Harris, COO of Slyce, shares how she grew the mobile coupon app SnipSnap from startup to a profitable venture that was eventually acquired by Slyce. Nicole also gives UA and Monetization advice on how to achieve similar successes across multiple channels.

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