Innovative ways to use bots on messaging platforms featuring Falk Zimmerman of WhatsBroadcast

Jan 24, 2018

Mobile Growth: All right. So, this week’s episode is with Falk Zimmermann from WhatsBroadcast. And they have a really innovative solution for using bots on messaging platforms to handle payments, blockchain, and communication. And with that, I wanted to turn it over to Falk to kinda give an overview of what you do with the company as well as kinda how you have evolved into this area.

Falk: Yeah. Sure. So, we are Germany-based in Munich. And we do some services for messengers. First thing is we do messenger broadcasting from one to many for great companies. So, we enable companies like the HolidayPirates to send out messages to 500,000 people in real time. That’s one thing. Another thing is to realize in customer service like in call center, we call it Chat Center for Messenger. You have agents there, and customers… So, you can manage this on the backend we have built.

And the third thing is we created a chatbot builder. You work with it. You happen to know something about coding and something like that, so you can work with the chatbot builder from us on your own to build chatbots for messengers, for Facebook Messenger and for WhatsApp, too.

Mobile Growth: What are some of the innovative ways that companies are using messaging apps to deliver payment and blockchain solutions? And can you kinda take a deep dive a little bit into that area?

Falk: Blockchain is a future thing. So, it’s not actually in charge.

Mobile Growth: Okay.

Falk: But what you can do with messenger now with us, with our help is to fit your customer relationship. So, it’s the a way to catch the customer. So, if you imagine, it’ll send out messages over messengers like WhatsApp to the customer on the end, you’re on the closest channel to the customer. You’re in the pocket from the customer. So, if you see the push notification…so, we have this customer, his advantage. So, that’s the thing. And with the chatbot, you can realize inn a better relationship to…you are an assistant for the customer. You can ask him, “What’s your problem? What do you want to buy?” or something like that. So, it’s a closed job, I think.

Mobile Growth: Got it. When you’re looking at messaging services and looking at payment, how does that work? How are you integrating payment solutions on, like, WhatsApp?

Falk: For now? Yeah.

Mobile Growth: Yeah.

Falk: Probably…for now, it’s so…we have no direct solution. We have to give up the customer to the main page from our customer, you know? But in the future, we will arrange some new with blockchain, perhaps, to realize the process, the whole process in a message. So, some pilot arrangements you can see in the U.S. on Facebook Messenger with Facebook payment and maybe with Apple Pay, and we can integrate it. But we are looking for new solutions to build our own solutions on blockchain based services.

Mobile Growth: What would be, like, you know, a really great case study that you guys have done that some of the listeners could take something from?

Falk: Okay. In Germany, we built for the Disney Company a chatbot to find cinemas for… As the “Beauty and the Beast” movie came out, Disney asked us, “Hey. Can you build up a chatbot to…in cinema finder chatbot for us?” So, we did it. And the customer came on Facebook Messenger and [said] something about a movie, some special features about it, some interesting facts, video clips, and something like that. And after that, he finds in his area the cinemas and was able to buy tickets. Not in the Facebook Messenger, but after that on the website from the cinema.

So, that’s one solution. Another solution was we built for the Sparkassen [SP] so it’s in Germany, a retailer bank system, a marketing bot for a new app, which that you can send money to another people, small money, can give them [inaudible 00:05:33] for a party or something like that. And this was a really funny thing. At the app, you received a personalized video. So, we did thisĀ  for the Sparkassen, and also we create success to have marketing for this.

Mobile Growth: So, do you guys focus mainly on WhatsApp versus Skype versus WeChat? And if so, why did you focus on WhatsApp?

Falk: We focus on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, too. But in Europe, usually, you use WhatsApp first. Only in French it’s [inaudible 00:06:12] use, like, the Americans more Facebook Messenger. WeChat is not a thing for us at the moment. Technology is great, but it’s Chinese separated based thing now. But they are state of the art for payment, for local based services, for ecommerce, e-government solutions, something like that, but not in Europe, only for Chinese tourists in Europe that there is the WeChat messenger important. But we can do something for WeChat if the European people will use that. But in the moment, it’s…

Mobile Growth: WhatsApp and Facebook…

Falk: …WhatsApp for 90% and 10% for Facebook Messenger, but we like the Facebook Messenger, too. You have more opportunities to build a good chatbot.

Mobile Growth: So, I think…were there any other insights that you like to share?

Falk: Oh. Yeah. One thing is, what we believe is messengers may be the next platform in evolution of the internet. So, you can build up mostly all the services you see on the social web, on apps, on the web at all nearly in the future at this platform. So, it will be important to have an eye on it. Yeah.

Mobile Growth: Perfect. Thank you so much, Falk. We appreciate your time and your insight, and hope you’re having a great Mobile Growth Europe.

Falk: Yeah. Thank you very much.