UA Testing, KPI’s and Behavioral Data with Farzana Nasser from Women in Wireless

Oct 31, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Women in Wireless - Farzana Nasser

Farzana Nasser, Global Co-President of Women In Wireless, a non-profit organization for championing women leaders in mobile and digital, sits down with Mobile Growth to discuss product and brand marketing strategies as well as utilizing behavioral data and other KPI’s for improved mobile app growth.

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The Blockchain Revolution for the Digital Advertising World with Charles Manning of KOCHAVA

Oct 23, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Website - Charles Manning from Kochava

Charles Manning, Founder and CEO of Kochava, explains their innovative blockchain-based framework XCHNG and its far-reaching benefits for buyers and sellers of media.

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How Not to Drown In Your Portfolio Of Apps with Stefan Bielau from Dynamo Partners

Oct 2, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Dynamo Partners

Whether you have a lot of apps because you love making them, or you have inherited loads of apps through an acquisition, more apps don’t always mean more opportunity. It can also mean more headache – particularly if you calculate the cost needed to maintain, manage and optimize them. In this episode Stefan Bielau, managing partner of Dynamo Partners, discusses sure-fire strategies for migrating a massive app portfolio.

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Finding the Perfect Blend of Data and Creative During the Different Stages of Growth

Sep 25, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast SC Moatti

Entrepreneur and investor, SC Moatti, discusses the different stages of growth and offers advice for effectively retaining users.

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Creating Products That Your Customers Love is the Key to Success with Cosi Games’ Josh Blitz

Sep 18, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Cosi Games - Josh Blitz

Big names and big budgets can produce big wins, but there are other ways to ensure games scale and succeed. In this episode, our host and Chief Content Officer Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Josh Blitz, Co-Founder & CEO of Cosi Productions, who offers top tips and advice to help developers get smarter about ways they reduce the risk and increase the benefits for their business.

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The Journey From Growth To Product with Reddit’s Andreas Gross

Sep 11, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Reddit - Andreas Gross

Andreas Gross, Product Manager, explains his evolution in growth marketing, and how his passion expanded to Reddit’s 300-million user product.

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How a Data Jedi Measures and Analyzes Metrics to Power UA & Growth with Tenjin’s Matthaus Krzykowski

Aug 27, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Matthaus Krzykowski

From the paid marketing metrics you need to watch and measure in order to bid more aggressively, to the new ways you merge data sets to power UA and growth. These are some of the key questions our host and Chief Content Officer Peggy Anne Salz explores with Matthaüs Krzykowski, Director of Platform at Tenjin and all-around Data Jedi.

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Life in the Fastlane – UA Tips and Tricks, Tools & Techniques with Saikala Sultanova of Ubisoft Mobile

Aug 21, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Saikala Sultanova

Mobile attribution is clearly a must, but figuring out the best fit for your app and budget is not so clear-cut. In this episode our Chief Content Officer Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Saikala Sultanova, Director of User Acquisition at Ubisoft Mobile, to walk through the hard questions you have to tackle in order to identify the tech (and the partners) that will allow you to fight smart, not drive blind.

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It’s All About the Data: Mobile Growth Through Programmatic User Acquisition with Tim McCloud from Adobe

Aug 14, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Adobe's Tim McCloud

Tim McCloud, Group Manager of Product Marketing Mobile Apps at Adobe, shares his philosophy on programmatic advertising and other best practices for User Acquisition.

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Connecting the Dots Between Monetization and Adding Value for the Advertiser with Idil Canal from MoPub

Aug 7, 2017
Mobile Growth Podcast - Idil Canal from MoPub

Idil Canal, Manager of Global Technical Solutions Consulting at MoPub, discusses the key relationships between publisher and advertiser in terms of successful mobile app monetization.


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