NYC Chapter – Mini-Summit with Kevin Jonas

Dec 9, 2015
Tumblr, Inc • New York, NY

In our final event of 2015, Mobile Growth Fellowship finishes off with the first of what will be quarterly Mini-Summits in New York City, NY. We finish off the year with a big bang in the Big Apple via our FOUR PANEL Mini-Summit! We are lining up speakers from Dots, Seat Geek, Puzzle Social, Simple Machine, Warner Brothers, and Tumblr…just to name a few of the packed Panelists and Moderators we’ll be sharing knowledge with in the Tumblr offices in New York City on Wednesday, December 9, 2015 from 5pm to 8pm.

Event Schedule

Opening Remarks
Don Steele, Head of Audience Development, Tumblr

Panel: Marketing Science
Marketing science is the foundation for the next generation of mobile marketers. It makes retention, monetization and user acquisition work at scale. Learn from NYC's top data professionals at Dots and Appboy on how they leverage their mastery to take on mobile marketing first hand.

• MODERATOR: Jim Steinberg, Head of East Coast Sales, Appsflyer
Tony He, Head of Data Science, Dots
Bill Magnuson, CTO, Appboy
Brian Suthoff, CSO, Localytics
Josh Fischer, VP of Product & Analytics, Bloglovin'

Panel: Retention
We all face the issues of churn and lack of engagement in mobile. Learn from retention experts at The New York Times, Puzzle Social, Spring, and Seat Geek on how they leverage tools and systems to keep users engaged in their applications.

• MODERATOR: Mary Bloom, Director of Developer Partnerships, Scopely
Maud Pasturaud, VP of Growth, Spring
Will Flaherty, Director of Growth, SeatGeek
Jeb Belise, CEO, Puzzle Social
Thy Dinh, Mobile Marketing Manager, The New York Times

Panel: Monetization
Only 5% of mobile users spend money on in app purchases. Learn from experts at Bloglovin', Simple Machine, Fresh Planet and Dots on how they monetize their mobile applications.

• MODERATOR: Arseny Lebedev, Director of Entertainment and Media, EPAM
Kamiu Lee, VP of Business Development, Bloglovin'
Kohta Wajima, Lead Product Manager, Dots
Kurt Bieg, CEO, Simple Machine
Mathieu Nouzareth, CEO, Freshplanet

Panel: User Acquisition
Learn from User Acquisition experts at Tumblr, Warner Brothers, Draft and Dashlane on how they drive awareness to their mobile applications at scale.

• MODERATOR: Bill Williams, CEO, BWG Strategy
Don Steele, Head of Audience, Tumblr
Steve Sadin, Product Manager, WB Turbine
Adam Hadi, Head of Marketing, DRAFT
Sabrina Gao, Head of Direct Marketing, Dashlane

Closing Remarks with Kevin Jonas & Christian Calderon
Fireside chat with Kevin Jonas to discuss trends in influencer marketing and how he and The BLU Market are breaking the barriers between the largest companies in the world and influencers in mobile.

Kevin Jonas, Founder and Co-CEO, The BLU Market
Christian Calderon, VP of Revenue & Marketing, Dots

Event Speakers

  • Kevin-Jonas
    Kevin Jonas Founder and Co-CEO The BLU Market
  • Don-Steele
    Don Steele Head of Audience Development Tumblr
  • Jim Steinberg Head of East Coast Sales Appsflyer
  • Tony He Head of Data Science Dots
  • Bill Magnuson
    Bill Magnuson CTO Appboy
  • Brian Suthoff
    Brian Suthoff CSO Localytics
  • Josh Fischer
    Josh Fischer VP of Product & Analytics Bloglovin'
  • Mary Bloom
    Mary Bloom Director of Developer Partnerships Scopely
  • Maud Pasturaud
    Maud Pasturaud VP of Growth Spring
  • Will Flaherty
    Will Flaherty Director of Growth SeatGeek
  • Jeb-Balise
    Jeb Belise CEO Puzzle Social
  • Thy-Dinh
    Thy Dinh Mobile Marketing Manager, The New York Times
  • Arseny Lebedev Director of Entertainment and Media EPAM
  • Kamiu Lee
    Kamiu Lee VP of Business Development Bloglovin'
  • Kohta Wajima
    Kohta Wajima Lead Product Manager Dots
  • Bill Williams CEO BWG Strategy
  • Steve Sadin Product Manager WB Turbine
  • Adam Hadi Head of Marketing DRAFT
  • Sabrina Gao - Dashlane
    Sabrina Gao Head of Direct Marketing Dashlane
  • Christian Calderon - Ketchapp
    Christian Calderon VP of Revenue & Marketing Dots

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