Mobile Growth Summit 2016

Feb 17, 2016  - Feb 18, 2016
Mission Bay Conference Center • San Francisco, CA

Mobile Growth Summit, North America’s Largest Mobile-Only Conference, features the single biggest collection of Mobile Industry thought leaders from User Acquisition, Monetization, and Engagement/Retention assembled all year! During this intensive 2-day, non-vendor conference will can learn from, and connect with, other mobile industry professionals like yourself!


Mobile Growth Summit 2016 - Speakers

Mobile Growth Summit 2016 - Growth Marketing Awards

2nd Annual GROWTH MARKETING AWARDS: – Best Brand Campaign
Staples – Top App Marketing Campaign of the Year
Zynga – Best Ad Product Integration
Games2win – Most Innovative Mobile User Growth
James Peng – Mobile Growth Leader of the Year
Shazam – Best Mobile Monetization
Board Member of the Year: Sho Masuda

Event Schedule

Feb 17, 2016
Feb 18, 2016
OPENING REMARKS: Mobile Growth Summit Kick-Off
Event Kick-Off by:
- Dave Westin, President, Mobile Growth Fellowship
- Ben Webley, Co-Founder, Mobile Growth Fellowship
- Yousuf Bhaijee, Co-Founder, Mobile Growth Fellowship


Bob Meese, Global Head of Games BD, Google Play

Sure, we all want to make the next great app masterpiece, but we also want to feed our families and/or dogs. Come join the Google Play team as they give you some key pointers on how to make sure you're best taking advantage of Google Play and running a successful app business. Get an inside track on what Google editors look for when selecting which games get featured and maximize the discoverability of your game. Gain insight into the tips and tricks you need to maximize the number of players in your games. Use Google Play efficiently and maximize the success of your mobile game business.

PRESENTATION: The End of Ad Harassment
Aurélie Guerrieri, VP Global Marketing Solutions, Cheetah Ad Platform

It’s the end of ad harassment. Mobile devices are the most personal device so any ads should be more inline with consumers' needs and wants to eliminate annoying ad placements. In this session, Cheetah Ad Platform will share how to achieve this. By focusing on Tiny Data, marketers will deliver valuable and engaging experiences that will resonate better with consumers while providing the key metrics and outcomes advertisers desire.

PANEL: Growth Hacking: What Is It and How Do I Do It?
Growth Hacking, is it the buzzword of the year? Everyone wants it, but few know how to do it well. Our panelists will walk you through the do's and don'ts in hacking out your own growth machine as well as some great examples that they have done.

MODERATOR: Maud Pasturaud, VP of Growth, Spring
- Yousuf Bhaijee, Head of Growth, Retail Growth Fund
- Andreas Gross, Head of Growth, Life360
- Yishay Shachar, VP Ad Operation, US, myThings
- Ethan Smith, Chief Growth Officer, Yummly

Coffee, Tea, and Snacks sponsored by Carrier App Traffic.
PRESENTATION: Smart ASO: A Case-Study on How WSOP Drove User Growth Through App Store Optimization
Jeet Niyogi, Marketing Director, WSOP, Playtika

As mobile developers fight intensely on the app store to get discovered, there is comfort in knowing that time and resources spent smartly on ASO (App Store Optimization) could lead to significant user growth globally. Playtika’s Marketing Director, Jeet Niyogi, who manages the marketing for World Series of Poker (WSOP), currently the #1 downloaded mobile poker game in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and many other countries, will showcase how his team’s focus on key ASO elements resulted in measurable growth across mobile platforms.

PRESENTATION: Programmatic Creative: The Next Big Thing in Mobile Ad Campaigns
Phil Crosby, Chief Product Officer, Liftoff

Programmatic technology has become the de facto method for buying mobile advertising. Yet the vast majority of campaigns use generic, un-personalized ad creative. Get a peek at how app publishers are using the latest techniques in programmatic ad creative to produce engaging, user-personalized ads in real-time, yielding huge performance gains in user acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

PANEL: Paid Mobile User Acquisition in 2016: What You Need to Know
As the mobile ecosystem has evolved (often with with tectonic shifts), paid mobile acquisition has always been the major driver for success in space. Understanding what is coming up next is even more important than knowing how to do it now. Hear from our panel of experts on what to expect in 2016.

MODERATOR: Raquel Basso, Director Mobile Strategy, Shutterfly
- James Peng, Head of Mobile App Acquisition, The Match Group
- Sam Arnold, Senior Mobile Growth Marketer, SeatGeek
- Iryna Newman, Director of Customer Acquisition, Invoice2Go
- Ewa Stochlinska, Senior Business Development, TravelPirates
- Mark Ellis, CEO, Liftoff

Networking Lunch Sponsored by Motive.

PRESENTATION: 25 Mobile SEO Hacks in 25 Minutes
Samir Patel, President & CEO, Growth Machines

The mobile apocalypse (aka Mobilegeddon) is the most significant event in the entire SEO industry. Smartphones will reach 90% penetration in the US/UK and mobile commerce is increasing 300 times faster than e-commerce in 2016. In this talk, Samir Patel gives you a solid plan to create a robust Mobile SEO strategy to fight Penguin and step up your game to reach this new wave of mobile savvy clientele.

PANEL: What About Mobile Web? It's Bigger Than You Think!
The last few years have been dominated by the development and distribution of native mobile apps. 80% of time spent on mobile is in apps, but mobile web traffic is 2x larger than app traffic! What does this mean and how do I use it as part of my growth strategy?

MODERATOR: Vivian Chang, Senior UA Manager, RetailMeNot
- Gwen Murray, Mobile Marketing Lead, Staples
- Scott Stanchak, Managing Director, Mobile Marketing, The New York Times
- Justin Yoshimura, Chairman,
- Bálint Orosz, Head of Apps Product, Skyscanner
- Myles Kleeger, CRO, Appboy

PRESENTATION: Building A Better Relationship With Customers Through Mobile
Myles Kleeger, CRO, Appboy

Resources, content and apps to retain users. Keys to join together brands and audiences using mobile content. Sponsored presentation.

Coffee, Tea, and Snacks sponsored by Carrier App Traffic.
PRESENTATION: Mobile Partnership Ecosystem
Benjamin Roodman, Director of Partner Development, North America, AppsFlyer

Mobile Partnerships, a guide to the ecosystem as presented by AppsFlyer.
PANEL: Mobile Tracking and Attribution
From fraud to overpayment to inconsistency of cookies, tracking on mobile has been a thorn in a mobile growth marketing's side for years. Hear from our panelists how the ecosystem will evolve from their perspectives.

MODERATOR: Deniz Gezgin, Studio Lead, FunPlus
- Benjamin Roodman, Director of Partner Development, North America, AppsFlyer
- Jeet Niyogi, Marketing Director, WSOP, Playtika
- Eyal Grundstein, VP of User Acquisition and Growth Marketing, GSN
- Vivian Chang, Senior UA Manager, RetailMeNot

PRESENTATION: Preventing Ad Fraud at Install Time
Simon Kendall, Head of Communication, Adjust

• What does the data say? Analysis of typical fraud patterns.
• Experience in action: learning from beta tests.
• 3 approaches to cutting and cleaning your bad traffic...immediately.

PANEL: The Emergence of Influencers as a Growth Channel. How Will It Evolve in 2016?
More and more people are looking to celebrities & influencers (big and small) as a key growth lever. From hits like Kim Kardashian to YouTube celebrities, everyone is getting involved. Our panel of experts will debate how to do it well and where influencers are going as a growth channel.

MODERATOR: Mike Evans, VP of Marketing, SEGA
- Dea Lawrence, CMO, Variety
- Heidi Yu, CEO, BoostInsider
- Scott Bauer, Directory of User Acquisition, GSN
- Don Steele, Head of Audience Engagement, Tumblr
- Steven Forkosh, CEO, The Blu Market

PANEL: The State of Deep Linking in 2016
With Universal Links entering the scene, what's the technology prognosis for Deep Linking in 2016? Deep links are a key piece of engagement infrastructure. How are leading UA outfits exploring options for personalization, and how is their stack set up to power it?

MODERATOR: Simon Kendall, Head of Communications, Adjust
- Kei Kondo, Growth & Marketing, Go
- Viki Zabala, VP Marketing and Strategic Growth, ReferralMob
- Iryna Newman, Director of Customer Acquisition, Invoice2Go
- Ethan Smith, Chief Growth Officer, Yummly

MGF President - Day 1 Closing Remarks
Dave Westin, President, Mobile Growth Fellowship

Sponsored by: Appboy.

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San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 746-9968
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Bring your Mobile Growth Summit Lanyard for entry! Open bar from 7pm to 9pm. Must show ID and be 21+ to attend any Open Bar Networking Event at MGS16.

Day 2 Kick-Off by:
- Dave Westin, President, Mobile Growth Fellowship
- Ben Webley, Co-Founder, Mobile Growth Fellowship
- Yousuf Bhaijee, Co-Founder, Mobile Growth Fellowship

From Creation to Monetization: Building With Twitter

John Egan, Head of MoPub Channel Partnerships, Twitter

This session will cover the unique tools and differentiated data that Twitter brings to the the lifecycle of an app; including content creation, distribution, and monetization. The goal of this overview is to share best practices gathered across our mobile business and offer guidance to developers focused on organic and paid user growth.

PANEL: Ad Mediation - Hot Seat!
The popular panel from last year returns. We bring in the top Ad Mediators to listen to what they have on offer to help us rock our ad revenues in 2016!

MODERATOR: Mary Bloom, Director, Developer Partnerships, Scopely
- Darren Keyes, VP Mediation Platform, Upsight
- Ross Barasch, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, Global, Fyber
- Kate Herbert, Sr. Director of MoPub Client Services, Twitter
- Adam Ben-David, VP of Supply Side Platform, Supersonic
- Alex Manchado, US Gaming Partnerships Lead, Google

PRESENTATION: Mobile User Acquisition: A Network's Perspective
Dock Kim, VP of Advertising Sales, Supersonic

A snapshot into how performance advertisers are driving installs through a mixture of incent and non-incent traffic, balancing targeting with retargeting to find the best audience at the right price.

Coffee, Tea, and Snacks sponsored by Carrier App Traffic.
PANEL: Messaging Apps and Growth Opportunities
Messaging apps dominate everything in terms of DAU, sessions and more recently, expanded utility. What are the opportunities for growth on those platforms, and what can we learn from the platforms themselves?

MODERATOR: Terry Hsiao, CEO, HookMobile
- Nanea Reeves, President, TextPlus
- Eagle Yi, Director, Business Development and Marketing, Tencent WeChat
- Marc Tamres, Director Mobile Products Skype for Business, Microsoft
- Stan Chudnovsky, Head of Product, Facebook

PRESENTATION: 3 Ways to Drive Down Your Uninstall Rate
Dayton Keane, VP Sales and Marketing, Apsalar

Reducing uninstalls is one of the most common app marketing goals for 2016. Apsalar Dayton Keane, VP Sales and Marketing will share new insights on "what works" to reduce mobile app uninstall rates, based on the first industry-level data from Apsalar's new uninstall attribution measurement metrics.

Networking Lunch Sponsored by CleverTap.
PANEL: Monetization: 5 Things You are Probably Doing Wrong That Could Move the Needle
Our panel of experts discuss some of the key tactics and strategies that are helping them move the needle on ARPDAU, including: how to properly integrate ads into your app, leveraging RTB and Private Marketplaces, personalized monetization, channel optimization and balancing user experience.

MODERATOR: Chandra Hill, VP Monetization, MobilityWare
- Ashley Higgins, Mobile Growth & Monetization, Reddit
- Josh Shaeffer, VP Business Development, Runtastic
- Rhiannon White, VP of Product, Ads, Shazam
- Jorge Prado, CEO, ICO Group
- Aurelie Guerrieri, VP Global Marketing Solutions, Cheetah Ad Platform

PRESENTATION: State of the Global App Ecosystem: 2015-2020
Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, VP Marketing Communications & Community, App Annie

Whether you are only planning your next quarter or the next 5 years, App Annie will share some key data points from the most trusted data & insights company in the mobile space for you to build a better app business in 2016.

Trends in Influencer Marketing: A Fireside Chat with Kevin Jonas (Entrepreneur & Co-CEO, The BLU Market) & Yousuf Bhaijee (Head of Growth, Retail Growth Fund)

Fireside chat with Kevin Jonas to discuss trends in influencer marketing and how he and other influencers are breaking the barriers between the largest companies in the world and influencers in mobile.

Coffee, Tea, and Snacks sponsored by Carrier App Traffic.
PANEL: 5 Free Growth Channels You Shouldn't Overlook!
Growing on mobile does not start and end with paid acquisition! Our panelist's share their top 5 tips for the year.

MODERATOR: Ellie Cachette, Partner, Koombea
- Melinda Krueger, Associate Principal, Salesforce
- Peter Heinrich, Developer Evangelist, Amazon
- Sho Masudo, VP of Growth, Poshmark
- Emre Ertan, Head of Growth, Slice
- David Cohen, VP Strategic Partnerships, ironSource

Sponsored by Adjust

• Best Ad Product Integration
• Best Brand Campaign
• Most Innovative Mobile User Growth
• Top Mobile App Marketing Campaign
• Best Mobile Monetization
• Mobile Growth Leader of the Year

PANEL: Mobile Predictions for 2016
This cross-vertical, cross-discipline, cross-geo group of industry experts make bold predictions for the direction of mobile in 2016. This panel will be packed with expert insight to give you a jump start on 2016 trends and forecasts.

MODERATOR: Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, VP Marketing Communications & Community, App Annie

- Leslie Albertson, Director of Marketing, Mixbook
- Matan Talmi, CEO, Drippler
- Japheth Dillman, CoFounder & Chief Creative Officer, YetiZen

- Baglan Nurhan Rhymes, Chief Digital Officer & SVP Revenue, AnchorFree
- Deepak Thakral, VP of Monetization, Quixey
- Meredith Tretiak, Head of Membership, Mobile Growth Fellowship

- Chang Fu, Head of Growth, Health IQ
- George Spanoudakis, President & CEO, Pinnatta
- Maria Frolova, CFO, Spycob

Dave Westin, President, Mobile Growth Fellowship
Sponsored by:
App Annie.

Open Bar in the Robertson Foyer of the Mission Bay Conference Center, from 5pm to 7pm!

(Must show ID, and be 21+ to attend any Open Bar Networking Event at MGS16.)

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