Mobile Growth Europe 2017

Oct 11, 2017  - Oct 12, 2017
Berlin, Germany

Event Schedule

11 October, 2017
12 October, 2017
Mobile Growth Europe 2017 Opening Remarks
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Why Focusing Too Much on Acquisition Will Kill Your Mobile Growth
Gabor Papp, Head of Marketing, Shapr3D

The AARRR funnel (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral) is the most used framework when it comes to building and marketing mobile apps, but it has a major issue: it makes you focus on Acquisition instead of Retention. This can kill your mobile growth. To save your app, you need to re-prioritize the funnel. Gabor Papp, Growth Marketer for Shapr3D, will help you re-prioritize this model for sustainable success!
PRESENTATION: Delivering Brilliant Customer Experiences
Spencer Burke, VP of Customer Success, Appboy (soon to be Braze)

Explore components ranging from personalized on-boarding to strategic experimentation across channels to create and successfully deliver brilliant experiences that keep customers engaged and retained for the long-term.
PANEL: Get In View: How Publishers Can Maximize Revenue by Enabling Viewability Measurement
• Moderator: Keenan Timko, Sr. Account Director, MoPub
Jason Cooper, GM, Mobile, Integral Ad Science
Pan Katsukis, CEO, Remerge
Inga Teiserskyte, Product Manager Advertising, Lovoo

Q4 is here, and with it comes brand budgets. Are you set up to capture these ad dollars? Viewability measurement has become increasingly important in giving marketers the confidence to grow their mobile ad spend, and publishers who aren't prepared risk missing out. Learn firsthand the key considerations behind viewability measurement for mobile in-app and what actions you can take today to maximize success.
WORKSHOP: How To Build A Kick-Ass Mobile Notifications Service
Andy Carvell, Senior PM: Growth, Phiture

Built off his recently-published RRF model (Reach x Relevance x Frequency), and his experience helping companies such as SoundCloud, Spotify and HeadSpace to provide deeper dive into what makes a great set of notifications, Andy Carvel (Senior PM of Growth at Phiture), will show you how to handle the politics and fear around notifications from within your organization, and how to mitigate negative impact (opt-outs, user churn, etc) from notifications. All while optimizing upside and impact on growth metrics by taking into account and adapting to each user's engagement.

The workshop will be Semi-interactive, with some audience-voting / participation, to help you get into some of the core concepts and frameworks presented.

There will be a full Q&A at the end of the workshop.

This One Hour Workshop will be taking place in our Break-Out Room. No additional fee is required, but seating is limited and first come, first seated. We will have continuous content in the main room for those who cannot make it into the Workshop.
PRESENTATION: From App To Brand – Taking Your Game to the Next Level
David Mohr, MD Europe, Gamevil

Summoners War has been a constant in the top-grossing game charts across the world for the last three years. With a loyal player-base established not just in Asia, but also in the U.S. and in Europe, the app's creator Com2us is now looking beyond classic UA initiatives to expand and grow further. After betting big on TV and influencers, their next step is extending the IP into other sectors and entering the global stage of e-sports. David Mohr, General Manager of GAMEVIL COM2US Europe GmbH, will talk about these exciting new steps in the growth of a mobile gaming brand.
PANEL: Bots and AI - What Have We Learned in 2017?
• Moderator: Matan Talmi, CEO, Drippler
Susana Duran Perea, Director, Mobile & Bots CoE, sage
Marina Mazein, Junior Product Owner Mobile, Otto Group
Miriam Neubauer, CPO, Heycater
Ewa Stochlinska, Lead Strategic Partners, Products & Projects, HolidayPirates
Falk Zimmermann, CMO, CMOWhatsBroadcast GmbH

After the bot hype of 2016, 2017 brought us the beginning of consumer adoption and engagement. What have we learned so far? How can your business benefit from a bot strategy? What will we see in 2018? Our panel of bot experts will share insights and actionable advice.
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PRESENTATION: Delightfully Powerful: How Emojis Drive Mobile Love
Shawn Azman, SVP of Growth, Leanplum

We set out to discover how deep the world’s obsession with emojis runs. We all send them in our texts and emails, but can emojis have an impact on push notification engagement? Turns out — yes — emojis help brands win mobile love and increase revenue. Discover how these loveable characters perform on different mobile platforms, vary across verticals, their effect on mobile retention, their impact on push opens, and how to leverage emojis to monetize millennials. Then, learn the innovative ways brands are incorporating emojis into their marketing strategies for actionable insights you can take home. You’ll walk away understanding how emojis really can show marketers the love and the money.
PRESENTATION: RTB - How to Make Your First (or Hundreth) Million
Diana Boiteux, Sr. Account Executive, MoPub
Sourav Naik, Ad Monetization Manager, Flaregames

In this session, Diana will cover why a lack of understanding about programmatic means missing out on revenue for app developers. She'll look at the top reasons developers should care about programmatic, how programmatic demand differs from ad networks, best practices for maximizing revenue, and share real examples from leading publishers such as co-presenter Flaregames.
PANEL: Innovate, Engage, and Retain: Proven Strategies to Keep Users Coming Back to Your App
• Moderator: Shawn Azman, SVP of Growth, Leanplum
Nathan Golan, VP International Sales, Pendo
Kaisa Soininen, Chief Product Officer, Yogaia
Marta Ros Urrutia, Product & Growth Manager, B-Worm

In this session of experts, you'll learn how to re-engage and incentivize users to come back to your app, optimizing the balance between acquisition retention, and how to use customer segmentation to drive greater retention and engagement.
PRESENTATION: Subscription Apps: UA Trends, Benchmarks & Strategies for Acquiring Paid Subscribers
Phil Gontier, VP International, Liftoff

The rise of mobile subscription apps has improved the health of the entire app economy, projected to generate $33.8 billion in revenue by 2021. Based upon our recent subscription apps report, Liftoff will present insights into what it takes to successfully market a subscription.
PANEL: Omnichannel Marketing: Right Person, Right Message, Right Time
• Moderator: Spencer Burke, VP of Customer Success (soon to be Braze
Lisa Kennelly, Director of Marketing, Clue
Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen, Investor & Business Growth Hacker, 8fit
Meike Maryska, Senior CRM Tech Lead, Delivery Hero

The marketing landscape just keeps shifting. New platforms, new messaging channels, new emerging technologies. These changes are creating intriguing new ways to engage customers. Learn from experts on how to reach users at the right time, all the time.
PRESENTATION: Increasing Conversions & Reducing Churn: The Argument to Personalise
Ender Özcan, Head of Sales Turkey & MENA, Adjust

The 80/20 rule is not a myth. Learn how to succeed at remarketing and reengagement by successfully segmenting your users. Dive into the best case studies with Ender and get inspired.
PRESENTATION: New Discovery & Distribution Channels Outside the App Stores for More Effective UA
Raheel Hasan, Co-Founder & CEO, 1App

In this session learn how you can take your current mobile app and make it instantly available through messaging channels, SMS, ads, email, QR codes without the need to download or install the apps. The user experiences the app instantly one or more times through these new channels and is eventually encouraged to install it. Such users demonstrate much higher LTVs and retention compared to any other traditional way to acquire them.
PANEL: How to Best Work With Data Scientists and Analysts for Improved Success
• Moderator: Matthaus Krzykowski, Director Platform, Tenjin
Noam Auerbach, Head of Growth, YEAY
Luca Giacomel, Data Scientist, Bending Spoons
Elisabeth Reitmayr, Product Analyst, ResearchGate
Zach van Driel, Co-Founder, Miri Growth

Managers are now expected to lead data scientists and choose data projects which make a difference to their companies. On this panel we discuss best practices of working with Data Scientists and Analysts, and how to implement their findings for improved results.
Mobile Growth Europe Day 1 - Closing Remarks
Open Bar Networking Party!

Sharlie Cheen
Brunnenstraße 196
10119 Berlin, Germany
Mobile Growth Europe 2017 - Day 2 Opening Remarks
• Moderator: Dennis Mink, VP of Marketing, Liftoff
Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru, CMO, Medlanes
Jason Conger, Senior User Acquisition Manager, Wooga
Lorenzo Rossi, Lead Performance Marketing, Free2Move

Join Liftoff as we put 3 mobile marketers to the test in this gamified panel. Do they have what it takes to distinguish the winning ads from the losers? Find out as we showcase A/B tested mobile ads and ask the experts to weigh in with their picks! Audience participation is highly encouraged!
PANEL: UA Today - What's Working and What's Changed?
• Moderator: Thomas Richter, President - Berlin Chapter, Mobile Growth Fellowship
Gessica Bicego, Head of Performance Marketing, Blinkist
Vinicius Gerez, Senior UA Manager, Wooga GmbH
Marvin Rottenberg, Head of Marketing, Ada Health

Where do our experts stand on UA vs User Engagement? Where should you spend your budget these days? We'll also explore in-house vs external strategies, and which KPI's to measure and rate your UA efforts. Of course, with Fraud always being a top-of-mind concern, we'll also be touching on strategies to fight fraud and sharing some tips and anecdotes from recent campaigns.
PRESENTATION: Enrich Your User Acquisition Strategy
Mark Kellogg, Director, Client Services, Kochava

Take control of your UA efforts and save on ad spend by incorporating these key changes. Learn to make the most of your attribution rules through your owned channels and tools to ensure that your IO is fulfilled. Mark will also review how you can save on ad spend through fraud prevention.
WORKSHOP: Behavioural Analytics & Advanced Lookalikes
Matthaus Krzykowski, Director Platform, Tenjin

In the two last years the popularity of Facebook, AWS Redshift and Google BigQuery has become the most powerful combination for app publishers in app discovery and monetisation.

UA managers now have access to user-level data. They are expected to lead data scientists and data projects to grow their organisations.

In this workshop we run a couple of exercises around two data projects which have become essential in their playbook, Behavioural Analytics & Advanced Facebook Lookalikes.
PRESENTATION: Data-Driven App Store Insights
Matan Talmi, CEO, Drippler

Insightful tips and discoveries extracted from tens of millions of app installs driven by Drippler.
PANEL: Ad Monetization Strategies
• Moderator: Ofir Leitner, Founder, Mobile Monetization Summit
Dilpesh Parmar, General Manager, Outfit7
David Pich, Director of Ad Sales,
Baglan Rhymes, Chief Digital Officer, AnchorFree

What are the most prominent ways in which app/game publishers monetize today? And what are the differences between monetizing an app and monetizing a game? In this panel we will hear from publishers in both categories and discuss the main monetization strategies that are available today and how to adapt your strategy to the audience of your app and optimize the ad units and formats you use.
KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Maximizing User Value and How Google's Universal App Campaigns Can Help
Lars Bognar, Mobile Specialist, Central Europe, Google

Is your business mobile first? Or are you using mobile to complement existing customer channels? We'll take a look successful mobile businesses and multi-channel marketers. And we're looking at how to value customer lifetime and how to apply these insights in your app acquisition campaigns.
PRESENTATION: Holistic Budget Steering from C-Level to Channel Manager
Lior Barak, Marketing Analyst, Zalando

Holistic steering is a new way to create a one stop shop for data. The idea standing behind it is to narrow the information given to the user, and on the same time to increase his ability to take an actionable decision, all in one place.
GOOGLE FIRESIDE CHAT: More IS Better: Alternative App Distribution Strategies
• Moderator: Peggy Anne Salz, Analyst, Mobile Groove Media
Caglar Eger, Director App Store Relations/Partnerships, Goodgame Studios
Juanjo Monge, CMO, Lab Cave Games

Your app can reach a global market, so why limit your focus to Apple iTunes and Google Play? Alternative app stores are thriving, opening doors to new markets and audiences for your app. Distributing to the 350+ alternative app stores can drive double the downloads per app, but it can also be double the work if you don’t prepare. Juanjo Monge, CMO at Lab Cave Games and Caglar Eger, Director App Store Relations/Partnerships at Good Game, discuss the decisions they made and the strategies they followed to bring their games to a wider audience – and to the next level!
PANEL: Fraud & The Marketer "Cage Match" - Adjust vs Kochava
• Moderator: Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru, CMO, Medlanes
Grant Simmons, Director, Client Analytics, Kochava
Niko Thielsch, Head of Sales DACH, Adjust

From simulated installs to click injections, fraud has become a top focus of the mobile advertising space throughout 2016. But what really is fraud, and how does it affect mobile marketers? Who is responsible for letting fraudsters in, and what can be done about it? In this panel, we'll be discussing how fraud can be identified and how it can be prevented before polluting your dataset.
PANEL: App Discovery Strategies: ASO vs Paid UA vs Influencers
• Moderator: Peggy Anne Salz, Analyst, Mobile Groove Media
Stefan Bielau, Managing Partner, Dynamo Partners
Nikola Stolnik, Head of Marketing, Nanobit
Jiri Kupiainen, CEO, Founder, Matchmade
Ewa Stochlinska, Lead Strategic Partners, Products & Projects, Holiday Pirates
Gabe Kwakyi, Author, Advanced ASO Book

In an App Economy that Flurry tells us has “grown into a dog-eat-dog world” you have to be smart about growth. Some companies are spreading their resources – and the risk – by pursuing a mix that combines the best of ASO, paid promotion and influencer marketing. This panel explores the pros and cons of each approach, and lifts the lid on clever combinations to help you super-charge app marketing and- ultimately - achieve competitive edge.
Mobile Growth Europe 2017 - Closing Remarks
We finish off our 3rd Annual Mobile Growth Europe conference with an Open Bar Networking Happy Hour on-site at the Radisson Blu hotel lobby bar!