GDC 2016 Mini-Summit & Networking Mixer

Mar 14, 2016
Jillian's @ the Metreon • San Francisco, CA

Hot off the biggest and most successful event we’ve ever produced, the Mobile Growth Fellowship is back with more great content! This time, we’re having a Mini-Summit on the opening night of GDC 2016, at Jillian’s in the Metreon.

We’re delivering two great panels of experts, and Liftoff will be running a new style of panel based off the game show “Family Feud!” Their “Mobile Feud” panel will playfully pit Mobile Gaming Experts vs Mobile Brands/Non-Gaming Experts. This will be a fun, but still informative, panel which is sure to give app publishers and developers the kind of broader/all-inclusive strategies to help you break out of any mobile marketing ruts and possibly hear some new great ideas you might have never heard before!

All attendees are automatically registered for our Networking Party which immediately follows the Mini-Summit sessions, and includes an open bar! So, come along, get some great information on our business, and stay for the fun, cocktails, and networking opportunities…thanks to our amazing sponsors Liftoff and Motive!

Please see the agenda below, and sign up right now! See you there!

Event Schedule

Opening Remarks
Dave Westin, President, Mobile Growth Fellowship

Presentation: Secret Sauce of the App Stores!
AppStores are a mystery to many, and effective User Acquisition strategies have become incredibly complex. How do developers manage successful campaigns of high impact and are extremely cost effective? Learn to take advantage of the formulas and algorithms of the ranking system of iOS and Google Play’s AppStores (these formulas have NEVER been released to the public). Discover how you can manage distribution channels using powerful burst campaigns and effective sustained campaigns. Finally, learn the secrets of AppStore Optimization. Smartly compete with well funded big box publishers while spending fewer dollars but getting better results! Master the User Acquisition domain!

• Presenter: Japheth Dillman, Co-Founder & Creative Officer, YetiZen

Mobile Feud! ("Family Feud" Style Panel)
The Ultimate Showdown between Gaming and Non-Gaming App Marketers Experience a one-of-a-kind battle between leading gaming and non-gaming app marketers in the first ever Mobile Feud. Mobile marketers will compete in a fast-paced trivia game, pitting gaming marketers vs. non-gaming app marketers for the ultimate prize: The title of Smartest Marketers in the Mobile Industry. Brought to you by Liftoff (

• Elsa Hou, Director of Marketing, Activehours
• Colette Nataf, User Acquisition Manager, MileIQ
Alessandra Sales, Director of Marketing, Smule
• Scott Kepnach, Director, User Acquisition, Zynga
• Jorge Prado, CEO, ICO Group
Chris Ahn, Director, User Acquisition, NetEase

Panel: Deep Dive Into Emerging Native Chanels
In the past few years there has been a major shift in revenue strategy towards native advertising. Ads are becoming more useful and less disruptive. New ways of selling ads such as programmatic are becoming commonplace. Personal data from Facebook and retargeting now allows for dramatically improved targeting precision.

• MODERATOR: Ethan Smith, Chief Growth Officer, Yummly
Chris Ahn, Director, User Acquisition, NetEase
Scott Bauer, Director of User Acquisition, GSN
James Peng, Head of Mobile App Acquisition, The Match Group
Nikolas Baron, Head of SEO & PR, Grammarly

Closing Remarks
Justin Fibich, Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales, Apsalar
Networking Party with Open Bar!

Event Speakers

  • Japheth-Dillman
    Japheth Dillman Co-Founder & Creative Officer YetiZen
  • Elsa Hou
    Elsa Hou Director of Marketing Activehours
  • Colette Nataf
    Colette Nataf User Acquisition Manager MileIQ
  • Alessandra Sales
    Alessandra Sales Director of Marketing Smule
  • Scott Kepnach
    Scott Kepnach Director, User Acquisition Zynga
  • Jorge Prado
    Jorge Prado CEO ICO Group
  • Chris Ahn
    Chris Ahn Director, User Acquisition NetEase
  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith Chief Growth Officer Yummly
  • Scott Bauer
    Scott Bauer Director of User Acquisition GSN
  • James Peng
    James Peng Head of Mobile App Acquisition The Match Group
  • Nikolas Baron
    Nikolas Baron Head of SEO & PR Grammarly
  • Justin Fibich
    Justin Fibich Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Apsalar

Event Sponsors

  • Liftoff
  • Motive Interactive
  • Apsalar
  • The BLU Market